Infectious Storytelling: Antimicrobial Resistance

Cover image of "Only Always Never" interactive digital narrative

“Infectious Storytelling” aims to increase public awareness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through interactive digital narrative (IDN). The project centres on effecting positive behaviour change regarding antibiotic use.

The eventual aim of this pilot project is to expand use of the storygame intervention to patient populations through local surgeries, as well as to develop further storygames for use with policymakers, pharmacists, and prescribers.

“Infectious Storytelling” is a joint project between Dr. Lyle Skains at Bournemouth University, Dr. Emma Hayhurst at the University of South Wales, Dr. Carmen Casaliggi at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and Dr. Kate Woodward at Aberystwyth University. The project is supported by the Welsh Crucible.

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